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Spotlight on GREY AREA artist: Matt Merkel-Hess!

These are not your grandmother’s ceramics! Currently exhibiting at Salon 94, Matt Merkel-Hess monumentalizes the mundane by transforming disposable plastic items, such as buckets and milk crates, into unique, handmade art. His fun, hand-painted stoneware known as Merkelware demonstrates sophisticated skill mixed with creative whimsy.

Be sure to read Matt Merkel-Hess’s interview in The New York Times about his nostalgic connection to the objects he recreates using porcelain, from where he draws his inspiration, and his theme of “hereafter.” Also, don’t forget to check out Matt’s new porcelain Lucky Cat Duck and Duckie, which are both available at the Guggenheim Museum Store and on the GREY AREA website!

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